Star Trek - Horizon: Full Film

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Star Trek - Horizon: Full Film

Star trek podcast | axanar |, The official podcast of axanar takes you behind-the-scenes of the development and production of the independent star trek film. each week writers, creatives, and actors from axanar give you an inside look into the four years wars between the klingons and the federation.. Star trek: of gods and men (video 2007) - imdb, It is the year 2306. thirteen years have p.ed since captain james t. kirk was swept away by the nexus, after saving the crew of the uss enterprise-b. the remaining crew members of the see full summary. Star trek (tv series 1966–1969) - trivia - imdb, Shortly after the cancellation of the series, the staff of the marketing department of the nbc tv network confronted the network executives and berated them for canceling star trek, the most profitable show on the network in terms of demographic profiling of the ratings..

Star tours - wikipedia, Star tours was a motion simulator attraction at several disney theme parks, based on the successful star wars film series created by george lucas.set in the star wars universe, the attraction sent guests on an excursion trip to endor, whilst being caught in an altercation between the rebel alliance and the galactic empire.the attraction featured captain "rex" rx-24 along with series regulars.

Spock's world (star trek: the original series): diane, Spock's world (star trek: the original series) [diane duane] on *free* shipping on qualifying offers. it is the twenty-third century. on the planet vulcan, a crisis of unprecedented proportion has caused the convocation of the planet's ruling council -- and summoned the u.s.s. enterprise? from halfway across the galaxy. Star trek: the official starships collection index, Star trek: the official starships collection is a part-work magazine from eaglemoss, each issue comes with a model starship, with designs from all the tv and film series. the ships are based either on the original production cgi models, or new models for designs that have no such resource available..

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